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Commercial Vehicle Product

  • Hyundai County EV Bus

    Hyundai County 8M

    The Hyundai County is a type of single-decker minibus It is predominantly designed for use in city bus transportation and tourism purposes.

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  • Hyundai Elec City Bus

    Hyundai Elec City 12M

    ELEC CITY is the beginning of future urban mobility. Operates solely on batteries, which can lead to substantial savings on fuel costs over the bus’s lifetime.

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  • KGM Bus Listrik

    KG Mobility 12M

    KG Mobility EV bus boasts a motor power output of 320.00 watts, allowing it to perform efficiently. It can cover a distance of around 350 kilometers before requiring a recharge.

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Our Partners Stories

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  • Foxtron, as one of our partners in EV bus from Taiwan for the 12M, accentuating the advanced technology

    EV Bus Foxtron
  • KG Mobility as one of our Bus OEM partner with 12M, catering both government client & private B2B business

    Invi Electric Bus
  • Daeyoung Chaevi, offering a variety ranges of EV Charging Station ranging from AC to DC

    Foxtron Event
  • Hyundai, our newest partner in EV commercial, to expand the existing products range of commercial EV with 8M and 12M bus

    Hyundai Event
  • Increasing the percentage of TKDN, INVI established a collaboration with Adiputro

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