Hyundai Elec City 12M

Hyundai Elec City Bus
256 kWh battery: 319.2 km range, enabling consecutive trips without charging Icon Battery
Remarkable driving ability and incomparable operating efficiency Icon Bus Body
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Our EV Bus Spec

The Future of Public Transportation. ELEC CITY marks the start of future urban mobility, offering a fresh energy experience aimed at enhancing the quality of city living.

Our Features

Customizable Interior

Customize the interior with INVI to achieve the level of personalization that meets your expectations.
  • Hyundai Elec City Interior
  • Hyundai Elec City Interior
  • Hyundai Elec City Interior
  • Hyundai Elec City Interior
  • Hyundai Elec City Interior

Customizable Exterior

Personalize the exterior of an electric bus (EV bus) can be an exciting way to enhance its visual appeal, and brand identity.
Hyundai Elec City Bus

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We are ready to provide excellent service for your needs in owning an electric vehicle (EV). Please feel free to ask further questions about our electric vehicle products by contacting us through the listed contact below.

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We offer a comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) solution tailored to fulfill all your needs throughout the entire process. If it intrigues you, we encourage you to examine the Kalista page more thoroughly. This is where you can gain a detailed insight into the complete array of features and offerings provided by our EV solution.

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