Driving Collaboration at Busworld Southeast Asia 2024: INVI’s Commitment to Sustainable Mobility in Indonesia

Driving Collaboration at Busworld Southeast Asia 2024: INVI’s Commitment to Sustainable Mobility in Indonesia

Busworld Southeast Asia 2024 successfully took place from May 15th to 17th at JIEXPO Kemayoran in Jakarta, Indonesia. Attended by the Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia, this premier exhibition showcased the latest bus models, emphasizing electric buses and their supporting infrastructure. Organized by GEM Indonesia in collaboration with Belgium-based Busworld International, the event fostered business opportunities, knowledge exchange, and networking among key stakeholders in the transportation industry.

This year’s Busworld Southeast Asia stood out as electric buses dominated the exhibition, highlighting not just the vehicles but also the necessary infrastructure. Indonesia, the largest economy in ASEAN with over 280 million people, is rapidly enhancing its road infrastructure, driving a surge in demand for intercity and tourism buses. The event featured leading national and international bus manufacturers, one of which is Laksana, a leading bus manufacturer in Indonesia.

The exhibition included standout programs like the Company Pitch Program and Busworld Conference 2024, which provided platforms for suppliers and manufacturers to connect, share knowledge, and explore the latest technological advancements. With an attendance of over 4,000 visitors and 48 exhibitors from various sectors, including bus operators, travel agents, and vehicle rental centers, Busworld Southeast Asia 2024 successfully drove progress and innovation in the bus and coach industry, ensuring safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions for the future.

INVI is committed to advance electric vehicle adoption through collaboration

INVI made a significant impact at Busworld Southeast Asia 2024 through its collaboration with Laksana. This partnership is a result of a shared commitment to introducing advanced, environmentally friendly transportation technology to Indonesia. By combining the global strength with the trusted technology of the local body manufacturer Laksana, we presented the 12M electric city bus, which offers a zero-emission mobility solution for Indonesia.

The city bus showcased at the event measures 12 meters in length, 2.5 meters in width, and 3.5 meters in height. It boasts an impressive range of 420 kilometers and is powered by a 290.4 kWh battery. This bus is poised to become a key player in accelerating green transportation in public spaces across Indonesia, contributing significantly to the country’s sustainability goals.

At the INVI x Laksana booth during Busworld 2024, the collaboration drew attention from several prominent figures. Notable visitors included officials from the Ministry of Transportation, which oversees the Transportation Department from Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya, the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Transjakarta, and the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT). These visits underscored the importance and potential impact of the 12M electric city bus in transforming Indonesia’s public transportation landscape.

INVI continues to pursuit safe and sustainable electric vehicle in Indonesia

Overall, the collaboration between INVI and Laksana at Busworld Southeast Asia 2024 highlighted the potential for innovative and sustainable transportation solutions in Indonesia. By leveraging advanced technology and local manufacturing expertise, this partnership aims to support Indonesia’s efforts towards achieving zero emissions and enhancing the efficiency and environmental friendliness of public transport.

Moving forward, INVI aspires to develop electric vehicles that prioritize safety and comfort while fostering active collaboration with stakeholders to deliver products tailored to the demands of Indonesia’s domestic market. Our objective is to stimulate the adoption of electric vehicles that uphold integrity and sustainability standards in Indonesia, thereby contributing positively to environmental preservation and societal advancement.

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